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EFSA issued decisions regarding trading in subscription rights Monday 30/4/2012

Dr./ Ashraf Elsharkawy – EFSA’s Chairman issued decision no. 282 of 2012 regarding trading rules for subscription rights, as he approved the rules which were issued by the Exchange’s BOD .

The said decision shall be applicable starting from the 1st of July 2012.

To review Chairman’s decision no. 282 of 2012 (click here).

EFSA’s BOD issued decision no. 23 of 2012 regarding amending articles no. 3 and 23 Bis of Listing and Delisting Rules issued by CMA’s BOD decision no. 30 of 2002 dated 18/6/2002 and its amendments regarding rights of subscription.

To review EFSA’s BOD decision no. 23 of 2012 (click here).

Also, EFSA’s BOD issued decision no. 27 of 2012 regarding rules of depositary, central registry, clearing and settlement for subscription rights. As Article 44 - of Law no. 93 of 2000 promulgated by law of depository and central registry for securities- amended by Law no. 127 of 2009 states that “MCSD shall establish the technical systems of the securities depository, clearance and settlement of securities transactions. Such technical systems shall become effective upon the approval of EFSA’s BOD .”